Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Review: Super Tarts - Custom Order

Brace yourselves! There is immense geeky fan-girling ahead!!
(and possibly pictures of amazing wax... if i can stay focused)

So back on October 14th, I managed to score a custom bag from Super Tarts! I received my bag on January 6th (this includes roughly 10 days of shipping for overseas mail). Due to circumstances beyond the owners control, this TAT was a bit longer than expected, but still not a terrible wait time.
There are plenty of options to choose from to appease your senses. In addition to have a vast array of house blends, you can also choose from an even bigger selection of single scents to blend your own!
My bag weighs roughly 1lb 4-6oz & is filled with the most adorable shapes!! I chose to pick from her house blends list & chose "Doctor Who" - a delicious combination of red rooibos tea, shortbread cookies and creamy custard...minus the fish sticks!
When I saw that description, I was sold!!

Weird fact: I have plans to try fish fingers & custard... I  mean, if The Doctor loves them, they've got to be good, right??

My bag arrived filled with the most adorable shapes!! I'm not sure if Super Tarts is a fan of Doctor Who, but I can totally make connections between the shapes & the show! (yes, i'm aware just how geeky that makes me!) When i opened my bag, I was immediately met with the most delicious scent! Fresh brewed tea, warm cookies, delicious custard... I am positive this is exactly what the Tardis smells like!! I may or may not have sat & sniffed my bag for awhile... and this scent has pretty much become my kitchen staple... wake up in the morning, take a deep sniff... you can almost hear the Tardis!! The throw seems pretty strong to me, as it escapes out of my kitchen/dining area & into my living room... i LOVE it!!!

Ok, so let me rein in the geekiness long enough to show you the wax!

Are these not the most adorable shapes!? Further in the bag I also found flip flops, mini pies, & tiny ice cream scoops! AHHHH!! THE CUTENESS!!

I orginally thought I had tentacle shapes when i dumped my bag.. bits of Zygons, perhaps?
However, after i took this photo, I realized they are TEETH!!! How stinking cute is THAT!?

I have become a huge Super Tarts fan & look forward to reordering in the future!

What new wax have you tried lately that you absolutely loved?


  1. Zygon tentacles!! LOL! That would have been hilarious, with kissy lips and heart and crowns for Queen Victoria! Seriously, I am digging the David Tennant photos more than anything. I am kinda sad I don't see him shaking his head on my side bar any more. Glad you are loving your Super Tarts! Brandy does some amazing scents and blends with stellar throw.

    I can't say I have tried any new wax but I am loving my Alamo Outlander wax. She just restocked some so I was able to snag Fraser's Ridge finally. (YEA YUH!) Any fun splurges planned for your birthday?

    1. haha... I'm glad I'm not the only one who was amused by him on your side bar!
      I am beyond excited to smell all my outlander perfumes!!
      no big splurges planned yet... I would really love to go see the Nagano Snow Monkeys.. or maybe just go have tea at the Owl Cafe. someone suggested an amusement park next to Mt Fuji with world record coasters! sooo lots of choices... lol.