Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fukubukuro 2015 - Get Lucky!!

One of the Japanese New Years customs is the sale of "Lucky Bags". Many stores put together mystery bags filled with product at a set price for purchase. Generally, your contents are being sold to you at a discount, so people line up to grab these deals. From what I've seen & heard, bags can range in price from 500 yen (7-11 sells lucky bags!!) up to 30000 yen or higher depending on the retailer. (Apple sells Lucky bags that people line up for days in advance!). 

In a sense, this is kind of like black friday shopping... but the stores open at normal hours, the people are extremely polite, stores are neat & tidy, & you have no idea what you've bought until you get home. (ok, ok.. its NOTHING like black friday shopping!!! LOL) Some stores will display whats in their bags, but really.. where's the fun in that!?

After hearing about the lucky bags, I was hoping to venture out to the mall New Year's Day to see what was being offered. Sadly, my husband had to work.. so I will plan ahead for next year. Stores sell their bags until they run out, so sometimes you can find them the following day or so.

I managed to score a Lucky Bag from Mister Donut! 
(& seriously, who can turn down a bag that says it will make you happy!?!)
My Lil Man picked up a cute Pokemon bag from a little food store... it's not technically a lucky bag, but when you are 7 & a fan of Pokemon.. this is like the holy grail!

Here is what was inside my lucky bag!!
(My bag was 2100 yen)

An adorable glass dish!! i totally squealed with delight over the cuteness!

2 little polka dot glass tea cups with stirrers! The flower bunny cracks me up!!

The donut calendar has the cutest pictures inside! Hubby had just asked me the day before if I was going to purchase a new calendar for the fridge... ta da!! it was fate! ;)

This is the cutest little bag ever!! It will probably be my new carry-all tote. Its a perfect size for library trips, quick stops at the commissary, play dates at the park... love it!!

My Lil Man insisted that i take a photo of his prized bag for my blog! He cracks me up!
(Pokemon bag - 900 yen)

His bag contained a collectors book to hold stickers (2 stickers inside already), some choco koala cookie things.. yumm!!, fruit snacks, a cookie type thing, & some bubble gum. The bag it was packed in is pretty nice & could be used as a gift bag for someone else!

Next year I hope to be more prepared for the Lucky Bags... I heard Toys R Us sells Lego Lucky bags (definite!!).. and even though i was disappointed by photos of this years Lush Lucky Bags, I might give it a shot next year. Also on the list -- Sephora & Starbucks!

What stores would be on your Lucky Bag list??

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  1. The cuteness!!!! I am loving those cups. Savanna would flip for that Pokemon bag. She is going to be spoiled rotten when I come to visit.

    I would grab that Mister Donut bag, Lush, Sephora, Starbucks, Pokemon, and any other makeup/beauty/skin care place I could find.