Thursday, January 8, 2015

Review: Mountain Rose Herbs

Recently, we've been looking into using essential oils and herbs. I know there is a ton of information out there, and everyone has their own opinions on what's safe & what isn't. As I've been scanning groups and websites, I came across this fabulous company: Mountain Rose Herbs.

They sell everything from loose leaf teas, herbs, essential oils, cooking spices/salts, & accessories. After browsing through their oils & starter kits... I came across their teas! I have heard great things about the quality of their products, so I decided to place a small order.

Shipping was very quick. I think I only had to wait 3-4 business days before I received my notification. Everything arrived packed nice & compact (i love shippers that don't waste space) & they even sent me a catalog that contains recipes and ideas! I have one item that ended up on back order, but I hope to receive it soon.

There were so many teas to choose from!! There were a fair number out of stock, which I attribute to the holiday season. I have plans to order a few more in the future, once they are restocked.. but after deliberating, I finally settled on the following: Dawn Chorus, Tulsi Delight, & Honeyroo.

L-R: Dawn Chorus, Tulsi Delight, & Honeyroo

The following descriptions are available from their website:

Dawn Chorus Tea: Gentle, yet full of heart and substance, this delicately balanced tea is a perfect way to start the day, and offers just the right amount of pick-me-up during times of afternoon lethargy. This mildly sweet and lightly fragrant nettle based infusion is a superb alternative to the caffeine found in green and black teas. 

On first sniff, my nose immediately picked up the green roobios and rose petals. It has a light & pleasant floral scent when brewed. There is a slight sweetness, so it can be enjoyed with minimal sweeteners. I found it very reminiscent of a jasmine green tea I enjoy. This was chosen so we could have some tea on hand for evenings, without the dreaded caffeine that would potentially ruin a good nights rest.

Tulsi Delight Tea: This delightful blend is lightly caffeinated and filled with Ayurvedic inspiration. The Ayurvedic name for Holy Basil is Tulsi, meaning The Incomparable One. It is considered a hot herb with pungent bitter tastes. This infusion blend combines these flavors with cooling mint and hibiscus. The lightly astringent taste from the Dao Ren tea and pungent ginger flavors combine wonderfully to give this tea a flavor that touches all your senses. It is both uplifting and energetic. This tasty blend can be enjoyed as either a hot or cold infusion, and is a great way to start off your morning or carry you through mid-day slumps.

When i saw the description for this tea, I knew I had to buy it for my husband! He loves strong, pungent flavors. While we were living in Turkey he found a basil tea that he would drink throughout the winter. He is running low, so it seemed a perfect time as any to buy him a new blend. When sniffing, this is definitely a bold, in your face tea! The basil and mint immediately fill your nostrils and clear your sinuses. There will be no stuffy noses in this house!

Honeyroo Tea: This delectable organic tea blend delivers the antioxidant benefits of Red Rooibos and the natural sweetness of Honeybush in a delicately fragrant and flavorful cup. Brewing up a pot of this aromatic tea confuse the heady aromas of late summer berries, roses, and honey. Delicious iced and suitable for all ages. Caffeine free.

This has to be one of the sweetest teas I have ever smelled! The sweet aroma reminds me of sunshine and warm summer days. I'm sure this will be a warm, relaxing treat on the cold, snowy days that are in our future!

This next item, is a bit weird. They are called Soap Nuts (deseeded). I have been going back and forth over ordering some of these for a few years now. So here's the basics on these little nuts. Soap Nuts are an environmentally friendly option as a detergent. It is also a good choice for people with sensitive skin & allergies to regular detergents. (which my family has, so i've been making my own laundry detergent). They contain saponin, a natural detergent, that is released when the shells absorb water. It is supposed to produce little or no bubbles during washing, and have a faint apple cider smell. You simply put 4-6 nuts in a muslin bag, toss it in the wash & reuse the same set for a few loads until the soap nuts get gray & mushy. 
I'm not so sure about these.. I opened the bag.. and whoooooo-eeeee!! they are very potent... like apple cider gone a little rough... But i shall give them a test run with my towels & see what happens.

And finally... a bag of Dead Sea Salt. I've been wanting to play around with sea salt & try my hand at making some bathing goodies. Still not 100% settled on any one idea... so feel free to send me some!

Have you had any experience with oils or herbs? What are your thoughts?


  1. Great haul! Those teas and photos are incredible! I want to roll in it like cat nip.

    I have not gotten into essential oils. If I do it will be from a mom and pop health store, as I do not have much interest in DoTerra from what I have read. But that is just my personal opinion.

    Those soap nuts sound cool. How do you discover these things? Please report back what you thought. I am also curious as to what you will make with your Dead Sea salt. Bath salts with lavender oil are ringing in my head.

    1. I'm not quite ready to start using oils, but I will definitely be avoiding big name companies. after doing some reading, I am very sad to see how they don't train their sellers & then in turn they advise people of unsafe practices. I've heard great things about mountain rose herbs & also plant therapy. my friend added me to an oil safety group (& then I found the sister herb group).. I can add you if you like.
      the soap nuts are bizarre.. I have to find a bag for them still, but I hope they work. I came across them a few years ago when looking at detergent alternatives. ahhh the power of the Google ;)