Sunday, January 25, 2015

Review: Alamo Candelaria

I am beyond excited about my latest order of scentsational, geeky goodness!
 I was introduced to Outlander by my BFF Julie! If, by chance, you've been living under a rock.. you may have missed this glorious book coming to life on the tv! *fangirl squeal*

^^^that's James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.. he is verra fine!
annnnd he's starting this post, just so i can see him give that sultry stare on Julie's sidebar! 

So, moving on to my amazing order from Alamo Candelaria!

I heard of this company through Julie, and I have been drooling over the amazing soaps and waxes. A few months ago, the announcement of an Outlander themed line had me fiercely stalking the facebook page. When opening day came around, the joy of time zones was in my favor and I scored a nice little haul! My TAT was amazingly fast (even for overseas mail); I believe my order was mailed out within 3 days of being received.

Everything arrived very well packed and with lots of fluff to keep things from being smashed or broken. This is a HUGE plus when I look at reorders.. as my mail gets jostled a lot as it travels all the way around the world.

Up for offer was this beautiful Outlander themed perfume box set! I love that it has a description of each scent inside the box.. and those bottles!?! Each glass bottle has a cork that is sealed in place with black wax. the attention to detail in packaging is just stunning! I almost felt bad breaking the wax seal... almost!

I am trying to pace myself on opening my perfumes (crazy, i know!), so as of now I have only opened "Dragonfly in Amber" - A warm, sweet woody amber vanilla, bergamot, bay leaf, patchouli, frankincense, myrrh, nutmeg, clove, with rich notes of ambergris, balsam fir, cedar, and sandalwood. I was a little hesitant about this scent. I am not usually a fan of amber anything as I find most amber scents to be very sweet and candy-like. This scent, however, is a rich woodsy type scent & is bold without being overwhelming. I think this will be a good late fall/winter scent for me. (Hubby approved, so that's a double score!)

Other scents in my box include: Indigo, MamaCita, Fraser Ridge, La Dame Blanche, Standing Stones, & Bloody Man.

There were also some absolutely gorgeous soaps up for grabs, but as they came in a soap/perfume set.. I decided to pass in favor of some wax crack! No really... it's called wax crack! 

My first selection was "Standing Stones" - A sparkling, woody herbal with a citrusy bergamot, lavender, basil, amber, sage and oak moss. On cold sniff, I received an impression of a scent very similar to fabric softener. I have been a bit congested, so that could be a factor... Anyways, once melted, the lavendar, basil & oak moss notes became much more distinguished. Its hard to put a description on what exactly this wax smells like to me... but then again, I'm sure the Standing Stones aren't easily labeled either. mysterious...regal... old world....with a hint of countryside.. The throw is medium, which is perfect for my small rooms.

My second wax crack pick was "Fraser's Ridge" - tart, wild mountain strawberries, blackberry, peach, and raspberry, with a hint of violets, grounded with earthy patchouli. This scent has easily secured a spot in my top 10 favorite scents!! I can see why this wax (& the soap) sold out so quickly! The smells of fresh strawberries on a warm spring day out in the countryside....patches of wild violets swaying in the breeze... *sigh* The detail on this wax is stunning... little strawberries, dried herbs, wax seal imprints... I'm torn between melting & hoarding! The throw is medium & the strawberries come across light & airy... I will be waiting patiently to try to add the matching soap to my collection. I really just have a desire to roll in this smell... thankfully I have the perfume to tide me over! ;)

I received 2 very generous samples with my order! The first being a sample of wax crack in "Indigo" - Fresh rain, sweet grass, ozone, earthy patchouli, oak moss, and sweet amber musk. I had glanced quickly past this scent when ordering.. but I will definitely be snatching it up when i place my next order! When reading descriptions, I generally associate anything that smells "fresh rain" or "ozone" with detergent scents, but this scent is far from detergent. It is bright, airy, and fun! 

My second sample was this delicious treat! Salt Lique Lollis are the most amazing invention ever! After receiving a chai flavored one in a recent birthday gift.. I was soo excited to see this honey salt lique lolli sitting so pretty in my box! I took just enough time to snap a photo before promptly devouring the salty, sweet treat!

If you would like to know when the next opening is, make sure to follow Alamo Candelaria on Facebook! You will not be disappointed! I, personally, am hoping for a future release of all the soaps as a set... they are all just too gorgeous & it makes choosing just a few difficult!

If you have ordered recently, tell me what you got! Should I be adding any items to my wish list?

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  1. Excellent post!!!! So happy to see young Jamie on my sidebar too. <3 "I am ready" indeed. Ahem.

    Fraser's Ridge is seriously amazing isn't it?!?! SO HAPPY you got the box set! I was dying to see it. Dragonfly in Amber really is gorgeous. A box set of soaps! What a genius idea. I would totally buy that. Still thinking about getting the oils to make bath salts.