Monday, January 5, 2015

Japan Eats: Dinner from Walmart!

Yes, you read that title correctly.. We are living in Japan.. and picked up dinner at Walmart!

One of the fun things we have discovered while out & about is that the Japanese love easy, on the go meals. However, not only do they love them, they are always packed with finesse! We were recently out doing some shopping at the Seiyu (Japanese name for Walmart) and were lamenting that we hadn't planned ahead for dinner. So we ventured downstairs to the grocery section to look around & BOOM! a whole aisle in the store devoted to packaged meals! Some were hot, some were cold.... everything ranging from fresh sushi, ramen, friend chicken, pot stickers, onigiri.... you name it, it was probably on this aisle! side note: You can also find these exact type of meals at the local 7-11s... and they are delish!

First up on our random dinner list.... sushi!!
I, personally, am not a big fan of raw fish.. it has a weird texture. I did try some of the Uni, and it was very.... fishy? oceany?... i'll probably give it one more shot, but so far i'm not a fan. Hubby, on the other hand, scarfed this entire plate with satisfaction!

My choice was this interesting plate with noodles, rice, & meat. 
The noodles.... spot on!! I ate them cold.. you're probably supposed to heat this stuff up, but what can i say.. I'm a cold-leftovers kinda person.. aint nobody got time for heatin up noodles! ;)
The meat was some type of hard sausage (pass!), a piece of pork, & some chicken.
Although the rice looks interesting, it was kinda bland & I only took a few bites.

Our Lil Man decided he was going to dine on onigiri! He liked the plain chicken, and he only ate the white rice ball. I believe that one had tuna inside. The other onigiri resembled fried rice and we all tried it, but it wasn't something we absolutely must buy again.

Mmmmmm Pot Stickers!!! We are all about some pot stickers in this house! My kid can put away his fair share, so these are always a safe choice as a 'backup' when we are trying new things!

This was some type of rice roll wrapped in seaweed... I don't remember what was inside, but I do remember that the Hubby was not too impressed. Simple, on the go food.. but not a repeat.

I love all the fun, quirky things I can find in Japan! I decided to browse their soda aisle to see what I could find. I was mainly searching for Pepsi Pink, but these other two managed to jump into my basket as well.

Pepsi Pink - this was advertised as strawberry milk flavor... which i know sounds totally gross! however, it seems more fruity to me & I actually really like it! Besides, who doesn't want their Pepsi to be pink!?

Coca-Cola Orange - I'm pretty sure I saw this in the states in one of those new touch screen soda machines at a fast food place. Verdict? pretty bizarre.... Tasted like Coca-Cola, but with an aftertaste of fresh orange being squeezed in my mouth.

Apple Fanta - after experiencing Melon Fanta, I was pretty excited for this one! However, I am absolutely NOT a fan! It has a strong fake apple flavor that just turned my stomach. Hubby said it was ok & finished it off... but he has a cast iron stomach & eats just about anything! LOL

So there you have our dinner from walmart! 
Have you had any yummy food experiences lately?


  1. How fun!!! Pot stickers are the best. I am not a fan of raw fish either :-/ but at least we always have pot stickers. The strawberry Pepsi looks interesting!

    I did eat something unique (for me) recently. We have a new Vietnamese restaurant called Saigon Bistro and I had the spicy noodle soup. It had beef and Vietnamese sausage (which was spongy and tofu like). She asked if I wanted tendons. Nix. No way. Not that adventurous yet. I also had my first bowl of Matzo ball soup. That was insanely delish.

    1. Vietnamese sounds yummy! I don't think I've ever had it before... not sure I could eat tendon either.. maybe if they didn't tell me?? lol. there will be LOTS of fun things to try here!! better crank up that adventure level!! ;)