Friday, September 19, 2014

Turkish Treasures - Mosaic Lamp

As I sit here enjoying the quiet morning hours while avoiding contemplating my large 'to-do' list that has a deadline of just a few days... I thought I would share my latest Turkish treasure.

*sigh*..... this just makes me soo happy!!

Over the past 2 years, I have added some neat treasures to our home... but I never could make up my mind about the mosaic lamps. There were just too many beautiful ones to choose from!! However, last night... with the clock running out... I finally found the perfect lamp!!

look at those colors on the wall!!

Originally, I had always been drawn to the chandelier version... but I decided that a floor lamp would be a more versatile choice for us.

I think that after carpets, mosaic lamps seem to be a big seller. There are soo many choices!! chandeliers & floor lamps of all different sizes, lamps that hang on the wall, lamps that sit on tables, candle holders, tea light holders... there is something for every taste! After you choose which style you want.. then you have to pick which color. There were at least 20 different color choices for me to pick from...and on top of that, if by chance I didn't like any of them, they offered to find whatever it is I wanted! I've been pretty set on this particular rainbow version since the first time I saw it (there a few variations available), but I almost swayed to a gorgeous emerald green that caught my eye at the last moment. The shop owner, Fuat, was extremely patient with my indecision, and even turned off all the other lights so I could get the full effect as I made my choice. In the end, my heart was set on the beauty of the rainbow pattern and I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous lamp!

I love the light glow cast onto the walls... not to bright, not too harsh.... it's simply perfect!

I could sit & gaze for hours.... I'm in love! 

I can't wait to find the perfect spot in our new home for my gorgeous Turkish lamp to shine!



  1. Oh wow!!! Just stunning!!! You are going to have to coolest home decor by the time y'all come to nest in the US. Great choice Ashley!!!! Aqua and white would have to come home to me <3

    1. I have a vision for my "forever home".... I want our home to tell a story. I have no idea what it will look like, but i know it will be fun!! :-)

  2. Oh! So much prettier than I imagined!

  3. This is gorgeous! Love it!