Sunday, September 21, 2014

Late Night Crafting: A Shadowbox for Amy

Tonight we surprised my friend, Amy, with this gorgeous gift her husband put together to honor her career in the Air Force. 

However, before I get into how we surprised her, I should go back to how I even got involved in this surprise. A couple weeks ago, my husband told me he was going out to help Matt pick out a nice shadow box to commemorate Amy's service to the Air Force. The next thing I know, I have this empty shadow box in my house as we were volunteered to hide it until it could be completed and presented. We had a couple close calls with Amy being really close & a blanket quickly thrown over it... obviously our hiding skills need work. lol. 

The past Friday, I go with Matt to pick it up from the guy who was putting everything inside. Well..... it was pretty much a hot mess. It wasn't like he wanted, it looked sloppy, and to top it off.. there were greasy finger prints all over the backing. Matt was really upset, I could just picture steam coming out of his ears... So I did what I do best, I volunteered to fix it. What I actually said was "we can fix this"... but Matt, in typical guy form, assured me he wasn't crafty & that it was best if he just let me handle it. I did manage to drag him into putting it together.. he was "lead supervisor" as fabric was measured for a new background, as glue dots & needle/thread came out, & he even seemed to enjoy an opportunity to tease me as I pulled out 3 different rulers to make sure the spacing & layout was perfect... he had never witnessed me in "crafting mode". lol. In the end, Daniel & I enjoyed some quality time with a friend, and Matt was able to have his gift completed to match his vision. (I even got him in on the glue dot parts towards the end... victory!!!)

The only thing left to do was to give it to Amy. So we got a couple of ideas together about how to get her to just randomly come over to my house at 930 at night...she thought Matt was helping us move boxes. Do we just tell her to come? no...what is she asks why? oh... tell her Matt broke something in the house!... what did he break?...everything! HA!. oh, tell her Matt's back seized up & he's in pain (Matt suggested this one.. i vetoed I finally just decided to wing it, called her & said "hey! i need you to come over here real quick!". And this is one of the reasons I love Amy so much.. she just replied "ok! i'll be right there!" & hung up. No questions asked..

This is Amy's "oh my gosh I'm so excited!!" face 

Before she arrived, we put a piece of fabric over the box. Amy shows up & says "what's going on?" I told her Matt broke something..she was like "oh my gosh! what did he break!?" Matt just looks at the covered box & Amy gently lifts the bottom of the fabric to peek under. I really wish I had caught that moment.. it was soo funny! She was looking for something broken, and as she's looking, you could see the moment that it clicked "hey! that's MY name in this box!". She jumped back, eyes wide & mouth dropping open! Most likely the best reaction to a surprise I've ever seen!!

To Amy... I'm so glad I was able to be a part of this surprise for you! You are always putting forth your best into everything you do & always willing to help those in need. I admire the positive attitude you have as your begin your transition from active duty to spouse. *which by the way, is an AWESOME title to have.. if i do say so myself! :) I have no doubts that your future will continue to be full of amazing things as you blaze a new path in life. Both you and Matt have made our time here at Incirlik a greater experience through your friendship. Thank you for being a steadfast friend.. I look forward to our paths crossing again down the road! (hopefully sooner, than later!)



  1. You are a beautiful friend Ashley <3
    I love how this turned out. Your attention to detail and crafting abilities are outstanding!!

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  3. Holly maker Ashleyl!!! Like I said before, you've made me famous! LOL LOL LOL it's been how long now? and your post on my timeline is still blowing up with LIKEs and comments! everyone keeps on saying how beautiful the shadowbox turned out!!! I can't get over your AWESOMENESS!!! :D :D :D :D :D Thank you so much!!! Thank you for being such a sweet friend!!! >.<

  4. You are such a sweet friend & this project is amazing! Absolutely amazing & I'm sure it's something your friend will cherish forever!