Sunday, September 11, 2016

Fall Fun Series: Apples, Apples, Everywhere!

I absolutely LOVE apples! 
apple pie, apple butter, apple jelly, apples & peanut butter....
but living in Japan has brought a higher grocery bill for fresh fruits & veggies.

Just the other day I was shopping in our commissary (base grocery store) & the price of apples made me want to cry. I rarely buy veggies/fruits on base anyways, but i was in a hurry & thought I might grab a couple apples for snacks. 

yep... $6.99 for 4 japanese apples. 
(i bought the exact same pack of apples for under $5 in a japanese supermarket)
Plus, look how pretty the japanese markets display their fruit!

Anyways, I usually make Apple Butter every fall, but decided to try something new. I had wanted to try a Pinterest recipe for Apple Cider Pancakes and add some fresh apple for texture. Sadly, I planned it for Sunday, and i had forgotten we were spending the day with our Japanese scout friends making Udon noodles! So my recipe will have to be tested & blogged about later, but I will be blogging about our noodle adventure tomorrow!

Now on to my featured melt for today!
Country Lane Keepsakes - Cinnamon Sugared Apples

I loved the shape of this melt! 
It reminded me of the little individual apple pie bars we got as kids.

On cold sniff, I got lots of fresh apple and no sign of cinnamon or sugar.
Melted -- It became a little sweeter with lots of fresh apple. Comparable to when making an apple pie & you mix the apples with the sugar. It threw medium, definitely not over powering. However, I was never able to detect any cinnamon. Regardless, I have enjoyed having my home smell like fresh apples & I would melt again, but probably blend with a cinnamon scent. 

Any fun apple recipes in your house? Favorite apple melt?


  1. Great post! It must difficult to live where the prices are higher than you're used to. I look forward to reading about your apple cider pancake recipe, and your noodle adventure as well!

    1. It is definitely an adjustment, but we shop out in town to save more money & buy frozen when need be. I am so excited to share my noodle adventure! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wooooo! Those are some spendy apples. Stinks when you are trying to eat healthy with more fruits and veggies. Looking forward to your apple pancake post!! What a cool fall treat. I saw pumpkin pancake recipes floating around too. Maybe we will have to do some kind of fall breakfast for dinner thing one night. Noodles!!!! The pics looked really cool on FB, but I cannot wait to see a blog post about it! How fun! Best boy scout experience ever.

    1. Yes! It definitely makes me miss Parkesdale & all the other fun places to get cheap fruits & veggies.
      I love love love our scouting experience! & just when I think we've done the coolest thing ever.. We do something else even cooler! :)

  3. Yikes, those are some pricey apples, but they look good. I'm looking forward to your noodle adventure post and your Apple Cider Pancakes!

    1. They are for sure, but the nice thing about Japanese fruit is they never sell bruised or imperfect fruit, and it's always amazingly sweet!

  4. I love the shape of those little melts, too - they look like McDonald's pies (probably as tasty as them, too! Actually, I lie - those pies are pretty yummy.)

  5. Hi Ashley,
    Jaybird here-I've tried to comment a few times but kept getting thwarted by Blogger, think I finally fixed it. Just wanted to thank you for all of these sneak peeks into Japan in fall, and I'm looking forward to these apple cider pancakes! they sound like a spicy fall breakfast. Hope you and your family are well:)