Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tokyo DisneySea

We have been Disney fans for a long time! While living in Florida, we made a few trips a year to go experience the crazy magic that is Disney. So it was a no brainer that we would be visiting Disney upon arrival in Japan! There are 2 parks here: Tokyo Disney & Tokyo DisneySea. When we asked our little which park he would want to visit, he immediately yelled "DisneySea!" So for Spring Break this year, we surprised him with some Disney magic!

Unlike Magic Kingdom, DisneySea is more of an Epcot type park. It hosts more visual attractions than actual rides, but also has a slew of Disney movie characters. It is also home to Duffy the Bear!!

The entire park seems made to photograph! In all honesty, the longest lines we encountered were not for characters, but for photo spot areas such as flower planters, statues, and seasonal displays. Those areas were actually the only times I saw professional park photographers.

One of the things everyone talked about was the popcorn! Throughout the park, there are different flavored popcorn carts and a variety of popcorn buckets. Our first popcorn bucket purchase was Mr Potato Head & he was filled with a delicious White Chocolate Popcorn! (Little man was gracious enough to let us sample... and then he promptly hoarded the entire bucket to himself!) Purchasing a popcorn bucket is a must, as it enables you to get refills of any flavor for a discounted price! We purchased a second bucket & spent the day snacking on the different flavors. Our popcorn flavors for the day were: Milk Tea, White Chocolate, Cappuccino, Jalapeno & Cheddar, & Curry. Popcorn is a favorite snack in our house, so we really enjoyed the continuous snack options. 

While the rides may have been sparse, they were certainly packed with detail and the amazingness that you expect from Disney. One of our favorites was Indiana Jones! There was a slew of things to look at as you waited in line and the staff was super polite! I'm used to the theme park experience of trying to pack every available seat on a ride. The 3 of us were lucky enough to score a front row seat & the staff politely asked if we would mind if a single rider joined our row. This was a re-occurring theme throughout our day... while it was a Disney park, the staff were very mindful of the experience & making sure that all the guests were happy.

One of the biggest differences between our experience stateside & our experience in Japan was the character meet & greets! In the states, you stand in long lines & then have a photographer take your photo. However, DisneySea had characters roaming around & no lines in sight! I think the largest group we saw near a character was 6 people! Again, I found this to be partly because of the polite society and partly because of the handler's expertise. Little man was feeling rather shy, so we waited patiently for a turn each time.. and sure enough, every time he wanted to meet a character, the handler would notice him & make sure that he wasn't overlooked. 

Another cool thing from our visit was Disney's Easter Celebration! This year was actually the first year that DisneySea was decked out! In years past, only Tokyo Disney hosted the Easter festivities. There was lots of decor throughout the park, but my absolute favorite was the Easter egg display! Each egg represents a different section of the park!

Where would a good Disney post be without more food?!
These delicious morsels were Alien mochi dumplings from the Toy Story section! We received a trio of flavors: chocolate, strawberry, & lemon. The line was ridiculously long, and I can absolutely see why! They were one of the tastiest things I ate all day!

This next set of photos is probably my favorite moment of the whole day!
As we were wandering through some of the quieter sections of the park, we came across Honest John & Geppetto. As luck would have it, only 2 people nearby! So of course we stopped to watch what they were up to & snap a few photos.

...and this is why you should never antagonize a villain....

This interaction was just another amazing experience that I can only summerize as "Japan".
Not only did the characters (& their handlers) interact with my son, but the characters themselves took the time to make sure my son was posed as well! 

So the next photo has an accompanying story:
As we were finishing up our time with Honest John & Geppetto, we heard ear piercing shrieks of "Kawaii!" (so cute!) & tons of giggling! As we turn, these 2 japanese girls came racing up to us completely in awe of our son. (I'm telling ya, this kid has mad skillz with the ladies...) After about 5 minutes of giggling & "kawaii! kawaii!", we finally managed enough charades to get the idea that they wanted a photo with him. We, of course, obliged... however, it seems Honest John was a little put out that he was not the center of attention. So he promptly photobombed & it is one of my favorite pictures from the day!

My view the whole day... i seriously love this little boy! 
I hope he never outgrows his love of Disney magic!

 I hope we don't lose sight of one thing - that it was all started by a mouse. ~ Walt Disney

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  1. How awesome!!!! DisneySea looks like a blast! I really want to eat those aliens. What amazes me is how serene the park looks... not too crowded or rushed. Just laid back, strolling fun. Good for you guys! And the popcorn?! Don't get me started. I want to eat it all. I am so happy you and your family are having a wonderful time over there. Too bad Harry Potter World is so far away. Maybe you can scoot over there one day.