Friday, December 12, 2014

Review: Super Tarts - Anniversary Order

One of my guilty pleasures in life is wax melts. 

I love to have decadent aromas dispersing through my house. My very favorite scent would have to be anything involving cinnamon, and it has to be the 'in your face' cinnamon. Every year I patiently wait for fall in anticipation of it "being acceptable" to douse my house in this glorious odor. 
I began my love with wax melts with scentsy, but my bestie The Redolent Mermaid has been introducing me to the wonders of small business wax creations. Stalking her blog has become part of my nightly ritual, as I await the revealing of her latest waxy goodies. When I saw a review for Super Tarts, I knew I needed to get in on this vendor. 

Themed wax to make your favorite shows & books come alive?! 

(woooo!! geek girl moment!! <3 *ahem* back to the wax....)

There have been a few openings recently & I managed to place 2 orders! Ohhhh yeah!!! *fist pump!* The first was a custom order, which I am still waiting on. The second order was from the 1 year anniversary opening on October 28th. Since I'm in the middle of a big move, the turn around time didn't seem very long to me. I received my shipping notification on December 2nd & my package arrived on December 11th. My shipping length is a reflection upon the joys of overseas mail, but I believe most packages make it through the mail in 2-4 days.

My order arrived triple wrapped in priority flat rate bubble mailers with a scent list & free sample. One of my clam shells arrived broken, but I attribute that to the length of time it spent in the postal system, as well as the distance it had to travel.

I was extremely tempted by all the choices available, but finally settled on an even number of 6.

The following descriptions were provided courtesy of Super Tarts.

Tie Me Up - Vanilla Bean Champagne and Strawberries
Jaws - Sea Salt, Fresh Air, Sea Grass, Sliced Plum and Sweet Pear. This is an amazing spa blend!
White Walkers - Spearmint, Peppermint, Fresh Mint Leaf and VBN
Ravenclaw - Blue Raspberry and Lavender
Katniss - Eucalyptus & Lemon Curd
Beauty and the Beast - Sweet Blackberries and Magically Delicious

 I am waiting to move into our house for melting, but below are my impressions from first sniffs.

Tie Me Up - The mix of vanilla champagne and strawberry is sweet but enjoyable. I was a little worried picking this one because I tend to stay away from fake strawberry smells. However, the strawberry smells neither fake nor overpowering. Both scents come across well balanced.

Jaws - First, the blood splatter... LOVE IT!! it made my geek soul giggle when i first saw it. This is a deliciously relaxing scent. I could see melting this during "me time". It's a very interesting but pleasant combination. I'm curious to see how it changes when melted.

White Walkers - This was a pick for my husband who is in love with the Game of Thrones books/show. I am loving this combination of mint! However,it's not coming across as potent as i was expecting. It may be a personal thing, I've been leaning toward bold, in your face scents lately. The extra attention to detail with the crumbles is a fun choice. I'm hoping this has a strong throw when melting.

Ravenclaw - the blue raspberry is a little sweeter than i was anticipating. I was expecting more tartness & more lavendar. This is on the sweet side for me, but we'll see if it mellows with melting.

Katniss - oh my goodness, can i just bury myself in this for awhile?? strong, potent eucalyptus & lemony curd goodness that powers right through your sinuses! I am a big fan of eucalyptus... I can see this being a fantastic cure for the sniffles!

Beauty and the Beast- both my husband & I could smell this one upon opening the packaging... the super sweet smell was pretty potent. It's not a bad smell, but I'm not really feeling it. I'm not sure if the sweet blackberries adds to what I'm smelling, or if the magically delicious is just that strong.. but we'll give it a whirl in the warmer and see what happens!

Free Sample 
Vanilla Spearmint - upon sniffing my sample, it seemed mellow enough to melt in our small hotel room without overwhelming our senses. When i first sniffed, the vanilla seemed to barely be pushing through the spearmint. Once melted, it mellowed into a subtle note and mixed with the spearmint giving me the impression of a bubblegum. A fun scent, but not something that I would repurchase.

So there you have it.. my very first wax review! 
What favorite scents have you dropped in the warmer lately?



  1. Excellent job!!!! Love this post in so many levels. I hope once you melt them in your new home (yay!!! Sooooon!!) that you report back on which turned out to be your favorites. Glad you got Ravenclaw just for the name alone.

    Yeah Baby!

    1. I will definitely put a review up once i melt! I'm trying to decide which will be the first in my new house!! (ahhhh!!! new house!!!) i'm leaning toward White Walkers with its peppermint, since that's the most "christmasy" smell.. but once i get some boxes unpacked, i'm going to make up for lost time in the cinnamon department! I have a whole giant scentsy brick just waiting for its maiden melting!

    2. Those Scetsy bricks are pretty awesome!

  2. Awesome first review! Looks like you got a great haul too! I love the idea of the fandom scents, I soo need to order some one of these days! Can't wait to hear about your favorites once you move into your new home (which is also very exciting!) & can use them!

    1. Thanks Tricia!! You should add yourself to the FB page.. I had to watch for updates on openings. Thankfully I was in the states, which made it easier! I'm looking forward to busting out my warmers tomorrow!!