Sunday, November 16, 2014

Japanese Jewels - Oriental Wall Fan

Our family has safely arrived in Japan & we are so excited for the adventures ahead!

This past weekend, I attended the Asian Bazaar hosted by the Yokota Officers' Spouses' Club.
There were over 60 vendors selling everything from handmade goods to antiques. 

As i browsed all the pretties... I came across this beauty & my heart was set!

A gorgeous oriental wall fan!!
The Cherry Blossom design had to come home with me!

It is approximately 30 inches tall when closed, and made of a heavily starched fabric & bamboo. I'm not actually sure how the image is put on the fan, I would originally say just the red & pink parts are painted & the main image is printed on the fabric, but after shopping & seeing hand painted pieces that look screen printed, I am left amazed at the talent of japanese artists!

When opened, it spans across a full size bed! 
(With my beloved potter quilt.. that travels with me... always! <3... nerd moment..*ahem*)

I love how the reds & pinks boldly pop off the delicate blue background!

I am (not so)  patiently waiting for a house to be ready for us so I can hang my new treasure!
My husband says he wants me to decorate rooms by theme, so they don't clash... but I assured him that all of our trinkets will find a way to blend together and reflect the beautiful story we are living!



  1. I LOVE this!!! So glad you already found a treasure! I love the pic of you. Your forever home is going to be eclectic and awesome. You have great taste and will pull it all together. Daniel shouldn't fear :-) I hope a home comes open soon!

  2. That fan is gorgeous!! Love new treasures! And I agree with Julie, your forever home will be so awesome & filled with amazing treasures & trinkets!