Saturday, October 25, 2014

Home is where the Heart is....

So as i am cruising at 32k feet some where over the Atlantic... hours into the long journey home.. & running on just a few hours of sleep... i find myself rather emotional & reflective. It's been 2 years since my feet have been on American soil.. 2 years since i've seen & hugged my sisters... 2 years since we've been "home".

The thought of going home has me thinking about what is home these days? Home is where my husband & son are... home is where my family is.. home has been Turkey, Florida, Virginia...

Home is where my heart is.. and I've left mine in quite a few places. We are blessed with such an amazing life! Traveling the world, experiencing new cultures, & living our dreams to the fullest!

Sometimes though, its nice to get back to our roots & 'recharge'. So that's where you'll find me for awhile... back home where my roots begin, making memories, & recharging for the long journey ahead... to our new home.. and the place my heart will call home.. for awhile at least.

So to my friends & family reading this.. you're always in my heart.. and where ever you may be.. that's always home to me! <3

I'm going home!!!


*post originally written October 7, 2014*

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